Features Of Facebook Application:

The list of features that are associated with the Facebook application given below

Create Moment On Facebook:

Facebook has a considerable amount of highlights; however, its principle highlights are the Newsfeed where the user see substance from his Facebook companions and pages he follows.


Messenger for informing, Timeline where it shows the user’s data and meaning posted or shared; the Wall, a space for the user’s substance; and Events where the user can see occasions identified with him or his Facebook companions like birthday events or parties.

Features For User’s Security:

The below is the list of features that ensures user security and helps against cyberbullying and anti-harassment

Security Notification:

Facebook offers a few security highlights, for example, login alarms and two-factor confirmation, to assist you with adding a layer of assurance to your account. You can likewise survey and update your security settings whenever you like.

Mute Content:

The Facebook applications will mute some of the spam content that circulates in the records.

Uses Machine Learning and  Technology While Searching:

Machine learning technology used by the Facebook application to provide quality content for the users.

Restricts Creation Of Multiple Accounts With Same Data:

Facebook came up with a unique safety measure that doesn’t accept multiple accounts with the same contact information; this helps in reducing the fake accounts and favours the genuine users.

Pros And Cons Of Facebook Application:

The advantages associated with the Facebook application given below

Available For Free:

The Facebook account available for free in the Google play store, and this application is beneficial for many business and organic posts.


Easy to Set Up and Use

Encourages You Keep in Touch

Lets You Share Your Life

Organizations Can Promote Their Products

A stage for Educational Resources

A user account can be created for free

Helps In Enhancing Bussiness:

By using the Facebook application for the business purpose, it helps reaches a lot of audiences and to make the brand identity.

Cons Of Facebook Application:

The list of challenges that the Facebook application has to face is as given below


Vulnerable to Large-Scale Privacy Leaks

Addictive Nature Negative to Users

Bullies Can happen To Victimize People with a Wide Spread

It very well may be Anti-Social

Fake Profile accounts Can Lure the Unwary

Progressive Ads Can be Tiresome and Encourage Spending