National Pension scheme

The government of India enrolled the scheme called NPS for all the citizens, launched on 1st may 2009 later on the corporate sector from the December 2011, this scheme is eligible for either employee or citizen who joins the NPS scheme is called as the customer of NPS.

       Earlier, this scheme used to cover only for the central Government employees, later on the PFRDA made it open for all the Indian citizens on individual basis.

       The main reason of this NPS encourages to invest the money at regular intervals during the period of the employment after retirement the customers can take out certain amount. As NPS account holder, the costumer will receive the remaining amount as monthly pension.

Benefits of NSP

  • If the subscriber not happy with the performance of the funds immediately the client can return all his funds back, in case the subscriber was comfortable with all the features providing by the NSP that client can continue this scheme
  • The client cannot withdraw the entire amount at a once, he should maintain at least of 40% for the future pension sanctioning after the employee period
  • Very important for the subscriber to continue investing until the age of 60 years, if the investing agreement Is for some short of period then for that fixed amount in return the client will get 25%
  • Two different types of choices auto and active, the auto choice decides about the risk profile of the client investments as per the health and age. The active choice allows the client to decide the scheme and to split the investments.


          The NSP is a very good scheme for anyone who access it after the retirement early with the less risk. “Today savings for the tomorrow’s happy peaceful days in the older age after the employment”.

A careful step today may lead you to the massive difference to your post-retirement.

The Indian citizens who are between 18 and 65 years, do not come under any other NPS sector are eligible to invest.

Types of NPS accounts

We are providing with the two different types of NPS accounts

  1. Tier 1 account

          This account is about the fixed deposit either for the certain period of time or up to 60 years, once the amount deposited in to that account cannot be withdrawn till the fixed duration finish, to the final amount interest depends up on the initial investment

For example if the client investing 50,000 per annum at the end he will get 20% interest.

  1. Tier 2 account

          This account is all about the savings and deposit, the client can save the amount and can withdraw when necessary. This account has no tax deductions for private sector employees and self-employed persons.

How to open an NPS account

        Two options to apply the NPS online and offline mode

  • If you have the Aadhaar card, PAN card, bank account details, you can open an NPS account online at or
  • If you prefer to open account via offline, go to nearest NPS point-of- presence to your bank
  • The initial investments, if you want to change any details modify them before submitting, change fund managers and initiate withdraws this process is same for both online and offline.

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