Activities for Which PMEGP Loan is Not Available

There are some activities which the PMEGP loan not available:

  • The business engaged in meat slaughter or any other related activities such as processing canning or serving it for consumption
  • Production or, manufacturing or sale of harmful intoxicants like Beedi, pan, cigar, cigarettes, etc.
  • Production of tobacco as raw material
  • Hotel, dhaba or sales outlet servicing
  • The tapping of toddy for sale
  • Business in cultivating the cash crops like tea, coffee, rubber, etc.
  • Manufacturing of polythene bags that less than 20 microns thick or making containers or plastic bags from recycled plastic and which are dangerous to the environment

The indicative sectors for which PMEGP loan is given:

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  1. Agro-based food processing
  2. Forest-based products
    • Handmade paper and fiber
  1. Mineral based products
  2. Polymer and chemical based products
  3. Rural Engineering and Bio-Tech

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