This scheme ensures financial assistance of 10lakhs for women and educated unemployed. This scheme was introduced in the budget scheme of 2016-2017 for the promotion of employment.

It mainly aims at the workers whose earnings are less than 15000/- for a month. This scheme mostly encourages for the medium and small enterprises.  As per the recent study of 2019, there are more about 1.24 lakhs beneficiaries for this scheme. This scheme is totally aadhar based without human interaction, these are operated by district industries centres and directorates of industries and banks. There are advantages to this scheme as

  1. EPF contribution on 12% wages
  2. The person has control over the provident fund, pension, death linked insurance


  1. The government provides an incentive of 3.67 for the textile industry to the eligible employees.
  2. Training of 15-20 is provided for their business
  3. Every quarter year PMRY comity monitors on the scheme’s progress
  4. Easy EMI is initiated for the borrowers
  5. They provide financial assistance for poultry, piggery, tea plantation, fishing
  6. Subsidies up to 15,000/- per beneficiary
  7. Margin money ranges from 5-16.25%
  8. Moratorium period provides the way to start earning money before repayment

There are three types of sectors as the

  1. business sector
  2. service sector
  3. industry sector
Type of businesscost
Business sector2 lakhs
Service sector5 lakhs
Industry sector5 lakhs


  1. The registered person should have an organization pan
  2. The ECR should be submitted by the month of March 2016
  3. The business should have a valid bank account and should have the details about the payments done
  4. For the projects under 2 lakhs in the business doesn’t require the security of repayment of the loan.
  5. Projects under the partnership of 5 lakhs don’t require collateral


  1. The people who are unemployed under 18-35 years.
  2. The eligibility of education is 8th passed
  3. Repayment should be done within 3-7 years
  4. There is reservation for the weaker sections of SC/ST including women
  5. There should be a permanent residence for 3 years
  6. The business must be registered for EPFO and should have a labour identification number(LIN)
  7. The employers are responsible for everything that happens there if any fraud happens then they have to bear employees provident fund scheme 195


  1. driving license
  2. EDP training certificate
  3. Project profile
  4. Date of birth certificate
  5. Experience, technical, qualification certificate
  6. Ration card
  7. Residence proof for 3 years
  8. Income certificate
  9. Caste certificate


The interested person can consult the district manager

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