Signal App

The signal app is one of the messaging services that allows using it with a connection to the network with a cellular data or wi-fi. The application provides end-to-end encryption for the data that flows from source to destination so that there is less chance for third parties to retrieve the data.

Why Use Signal Application?

Following are the list of features that are associated with the Signal application 

Allows Group Voice & Video Calls  

The signal application allows users to make video calls and audio calls individually. In the same sense, it will enable the users for a group video call and audio call with a maximum of 8 members. 

End-to-End Encryption for Data

All the messages, audios and videos that exchanged between the sender and receiver secured with end-to-end encryption.


Used Trust-on-First-Use

The trust on first use algorithms notifies about the key changes whenever happened with the correspondent. So, it helps the user to know that others have changed their privacy settings and other related issues 

Secure Account with Pin or Biometrics

To secure the Signal application, the possible ways available for the applicant are by setting a pin code to the app. The other possible way is to secure with biometrics. The application asks the applicants to provide the security code or the biometric to make use of it after opening it

Set Timer to Send Messages 

The applicant can schedule sending of the messages as there is an option of timer that helps the applicant schedule transmission of messages when they wanted. So, by default at the scheduled time, messages will send to the receiver without the involvement of the sender  

High Quality 

At the times of audio calls video calls and even when sending the text messages and multimedia messages, the applicants provided a high quality, which enhances the user experience. Provides the user with HD quality at times of calling by avoiding the noises at calls. 

In-built Editor

While sending the JPG from the source to the destination, an in-built editor is made available for the user convenience which helps edit and enhance the image preview. So, there is no need for a professional editing application as the task served by the Signal application