Advantages of Using Signal Application

The list of pros that associated with the Signal application listed below  

Ease of Usage

The Signal application makes life easy as it developed in an order that is convenient to use. It consists of a compose and a camera icon; the compose icon used to send messages for the people in your contact list and the camera icon used for the exchange of multimedia and the images

Platform Compatible

The Signal application designed inorder to provide the services for multiple devices associated with different platforms. So, the applicants of different platforms can make use of the applicants and enjoy the features that associated with it

Message Deletion by Default

To provide the users with some security and maintain some private matters there available with a feature that deletes the user message of particular contacts by default after a time. 

HD Quality

One of the major concerns with the applications nowadays is the low quality when using the app. Still, the signal application provides the users with HD quality at video calls and audio calls. Even at the times of group calls the application maintains the high quality which doesn’t disturb the user experience

Limitations of Signal Application

The list of cons that are associated with the signal application given below

Doesn’t Allow Same Contact Information for multiple Accounts

The Signal application asks the users to provide the mobile number at the login times, and it doesn’t accept the same number to log in for multiple devices.

Asks to Provide Mobile Number for Login

It’s mandatory to provide the mobile number to make use of the signal application, leading to privacy issues in further days.

Retrieves details of Current Location

The application will continuously ask to provide the details regarding the current location as it’s in a way that the usage of the app is impossible without submitting the current location

Unknown for Many

The Signal application is not used by many as it’s unknown and unfamiliar to many, So not everyone is on the Signal application even the one you wanted to connect with