SIDBI Loan Scheme

Small Industries Development Bank of India mainly focuses on the development of small and the medium level industry by providing the financial assistance the bank provides loans for the development, marketing, commercialization of technology and products. SIDBI provides loans for different schemes to meet their business needs as develop, grow, marketing.


  1. Provides financial assistance for the MSM and SSI(supplemental security income)
  2. This provides indirect finance through the banks and other financial institutions
  3. They promote skill development, strengthening the credit flow


DIRECT LOANS: this consists of the above five types of loans as they will be described as below

  1. SMILE: provides funds for the new enterprises for the process of manufacture
  2.  SMILE EQUIPMENT FINANCE: provides loans with less interest
  3. LOANS UNDER PARTNERSHIP WITH OEM: it is helpful in the purchase of the machines.
  4. WORKING CAPITAL: provides loans as per the requirement of the applicant
  5. SIDBI TRADER FINANCE SCHEME: this loan are provides for the existing customers with 3 years of sustainability

VENTURE CAPITAL: this provides initiative for startups and it consists of the following as described below

  1. STARTUP CYCLES ALONG WITH SIDBI: there are some fields of business which requires financial assistance at the time.
  2. FUNDS FOR STARTUP: it aims to help innovative organization growth, development.
  3. ASPIRE FUND: this provides financial assistance for the startup company
  4. INDIAN ASPIRATION FUND: this supports equality in investments of the start-up company

INDIRECT FINANCE: in this the financial assistance is provided by the banks. There are types in it as described below

ASSISTANCE THROUGH BANKS: provides financial support through banks

REFINANCE SCHEMES: provides finance through bank and the refinance is stable

ASSISTANCE TO SMALL BANKS: this scheme plays a vital role in refinance to small banks this is introduced to promote the equality

ASSISTANCE TO NBFCs: these help in providing financial assistance to the enterprises


Step 1. Visit for all the details

A page like this will be displayed

Step 2: enter the login button

Step 3: click the applicant option then the following page will be displayed

Step 4: click the new user option then the following page will be displayed here you need to fill the expected loan and type of scheme

Step 7: after filling the application form the following page will be displayed

Step5:after filling the type the following page will be displayed

Step6: after filling the above details loan will be sanctioned


TRANSPERANCY: they provide the details and structure without hiding

SIZE: the loans are scheduled based on the size of the business

ASSISTANCE: it doesn’t only provide loan it also gives advices for the growth of the company

CUSTOM MADE: provides loans as required for the applicant based on the business type

LOW INTEREST RATE: as SIDBI links with a lot of companies and banks it provides low interest rates

GROWTH IN CAPITAL: without changing the ownership of the company the entrepreneur can get the loans to meet his requirement of growth

SECUREFREE: the entrepreneur can have get a loan of 50 lakhs without any security


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