Features Of Truecaller Application:

The list of features that are associated with the Truecaller application given below

Creating Profile OnTruecaller:

A user of Truecaller will appreciate the simple arrangement of the versatile application once downloaded and introduced on their cell phone. To utilize the stage, you can either make another record by presenting your email account or by utilizing your Facebook profile to begin.


Truecaller gives users some actions, such as blocking undesirable calls and messages, caller and message sender distinguishing proof, and contacts search. Users of the stage can block numbers by finding the number from their contact logs and phonebook or by contributing it manually.

 Features For User’s Security:

The below is the list of features that ensures user security and helps against cyberbullying and anti-harassment

Filters Notification:

The Truecaller application allows users to restrict notifications from particular accounts.

Spam Calls and Text messages:

It uncovers instant messages and calls that different clients of the application have recognized and recorded as spam. It will rely upon you to obstruct such calls. For the messages, you can set it such that they would go to your spam box

Delisting yourself:

If you don’t need individuals to get your number from the application, it is simple for you to visit their site and delist your number. All the more along these lines, you should erase the application totally and get yourself out of the framework.

Uses Machine Learning Technology While Searching:

Machine learning technology used by the truecaller application to provide the quality content for the users

Pros And Cons Of Truecaller Application:

The advantages associated with the Truecaller application given below

Available For Free:

The Truecaller account available for free in the Google play store and this application is beneficial for people to find the caller who is calling.


The primary advantage service of the application is that it causes you in checking and controlling spams regarding the two calls and messages.

Causes you to discover the number of individuals a lot simpler.

It can help in killing robocalls.

In any event, when individuals will call you with private numbers, this will uncover who they truly are.

Cons Of Truecaller Application

The list of challenges that the Truecaller application has to face is as given below


As effectively noted, one of the primary issues that you would come to discover with this is that of protection.

Except if you have a working 3G association, you will most likely be unable to see who is calling you.

There are places where the application may not function admirably.

Anybody can choose to label any number anybody doesn’t comprehend as spam.