WhatsApp App

The technical information regarding the WhatsApp application is as given below

Name of the application WhatsApp
Type of application Instant messaging
Developed by Whtasapp Inc
Founders Jan koum,Brain acton
Released on January 2009
iOS version 2.20.11
iOS beta version
Android version 2.20.11
Website WhatsApp.com
Latest update on 23 January 2020

App Permissions

  • Permissions That Need To Be Granted For WhatsApp Application:
  • The following is the list of permissions that need to be granted for the WhatsApp application.

To call the phone numbers directly the application has an authority to

  • Read the identity and the phone status
  • Read the call log

To share the media files in your device the application need to retrieve the access over

  • Read the contents of USB storage
  • To modify or delete the content that are stored in the USB device’s storage

Wi-Fi connection Information:
To run the application it need to know the information regarding Wi-Fi as to

  • View Wi-Fi connections


The information regarding the contacts in your device need to be retrieved the application. The permissions that need to be granted for the WhatsApp application regarding contacts are

  • Find accounts on device
  • Read contacts
  • Modify contacts

The Identity of the device need to be retrieved and this application will also access regarding identity are

  • Read contact card
  • Find accounts on device
  • Add account or remove account

WhatsApp application will retrieve the location of device. The permissions that need to be granted regarding location are

  • Approximate location
  • GPS and network based

WhatsApp need to retrieve the permissions over storage to

  • Read the contents of USB storage
  • To modify or delete the contents of the USB storage

Device and App History:

The WhatsApp application will have information and permission regarding the device and app history. The permissions that are retrieved

  • Retrieve running apps
  • Read sensitive log data
  • Retrieve system internal state
  • Read web bookmarks and history
  • Retrieve running apps

Cellular data setting:

The WhatsApp application will work with cellular data or Wi-fi so that this application requires the access over the cellular data.
WhatsApp application will access the permissions over the calendar on your device and the information that is retrieved from calendar is

  • Read calendar events and confidential information
  • Add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owner knowledge

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